Spike Ball Week Brings New Game to Central Campus

Everyone gathered around to watch. Most of the spectators had never seen anything like it before at San Jac. As the ball bounced off the net, participants with sweat running down their faces sprinted to save it from hitting the ground.

Spike Ball was introduced to San Jacinto College Central Campus by Rec Sports during the week of Oct 27-30 when students could participate at four locations on different days around the campus.

“It is a new sports event for us,” Mary Shelley, Rec Sports Staff Assistant, said. “Why not have a week of promotion and fun?”

Spike ball is a physical game that works with two teams of two people. The object is to hit the ball onto the horizontal net and bounce it off to keep the game going. If the ball hits the rim or lands on the ground, the opposite team gets the point. The goal is to score 21 points first and win by two points.

“Basically, (it is) volleyball but in a downward form, like ping pong,” Shelley said.

Rec Sports Student Assistant Andy Escamilla said Spike Ball is a different type of sport, but it offers what all of them have in common; an opportunity to beat an opponent.

“It’s different and pretty competitive to a certain point,” Escamilla said.

Furthermore, accidentally giving points to the other team is easier than participants think, he added.

“It’s kind of like volleyball when you hit the net and the ball goes to the other team,” Escamilla said. “If the other team can’t return it by hitting the net again, the point goes to you. However, if you serve the ball and it hits the rim of the net, (the) point goes to the other team.”

Meanwhile, Director of Rec Sports at Central campus Butch Sutton said, although they are not sure how the sport will be received, they are excited to see how it works out.

“Spike Ball, you know, it’s a new thing for us,” Sutton said. “We’re not sure how wild it might get.”